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Bepoke Access Platforms and Step-Overs

Safe access with bespoke platforms and step-overs

How to inspect and wear a harness

Our Recertification Manager, Jacob Ewens, gives on overview of what to look for during harness inspection and how to wear it correctly.

Which is the best option?

As the two leading solutions in the handrail and barrier industry, fabrication and fittings come with their own benefits, but which should you choose?

Step by step installation guide

Our step by step guide shows how quick and easy it is to install a Kee Gate Pallet Gate

Work at height standards were pretty lax in the past

A job like this was a dangerous one in the past. Though injury and fatality rates are dropping, we're not out of the woods yet.

Installing the new Kee Gate

The new self-closing Kee Gate design ensures full protection and compliance to current standards

Mezzanine pallet gates

Safe movement of goods

Specially designed anchor

KeeLine life line system is desigend for use on a variety of roofs, including membrane

EN 795 Class A2 anchors

Mounting directly to a building's structure

Horizontal fall arrest system

KeeLine horizontal life line provides continual, handsfree protection for up to 3 users.

Where to use a gate

Examples of where self closing safety gates can be used to protect voids

Real life rescue video

This video shows the importance of having a rescue plan in place when working at height.

Harness and lanyard arrest a fall

Real life footage of how a fall protection system can save your life

How not to demolish a building

This recent video went viral when people couldn't believe what they were seeing - workers demolishing a building they were standing on without any form of protection

Inspecting fall protection systems

Infographic video explaining why you must have your fall protection systems inspected

Fragile Roof Safety

Compact, portable safety cage for safe maintenance of valleys and box gutter details on fragile roofs.

Easily portable walkway for fragile roofs

Open mesh walkway system which allows access from eaves to ridge while spreading the load on support battens.

Demarcation system for external and internal protection

Demarcation for rooftops, around plant/equipment and fragile materials

Simple modular rooflight protection

Kee Dome range of modular rooflight fall protection systems

Work at height rescue kit

How to rescue someone at height

Class A1 Anchor Devices

Class A1 fall protection safety anchors

Portable Roof Anchor

Portable anchorage device for short term safety

KeeLine Fall Protection Lifeline System

Wire based fall protection system

Anti slip walkway for rooftops

Kee Walk easy to install modular roof walkway system

Edge protection for roofs with limited space

KeeGuard Premium for permanent and temporary edge protection

KeeGuard collapsible edge protection

A folding guardrail system for when discreet edge protection is required

KeeGuard Freestanding Edge Protection

The KeeGuardĀ® range of modular collective protection is designed to provide permanent edge protection for areas where regular access is required.