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Working At Height

Working at Height: Training overview

Work at height can expose workers to particularly severe risks to their health & safety and continues to be a major cause of death and serious injury. Employers and duty holders have a duty to protect anyone who might be exposed to these risks by ensuring that any form of work at height is planned, supervised and carried out safely.

Who will benefit?

Safesite's Working at Height Training Course is essential for all those who are responsible for work at height and for the health and safety of others. This training will benefit employers, managers, supervisors and employees who have a responsibility for or are involved in work at height.  The course covers all aspects relating to work at height and is designed to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of working at height including legislation, safety requirements and working methods.

Course content includes:

  • Work at height
  • Bad practice
  • Related legislation
  • Work at height legislation
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Work at height equipment selection
  • Ladders
  • Work at height risk assessments
  • PPE inspection and how to wear a harness.

Course duration and price

Prices are based on location and start at £998 +VAT (up to 10 delegates).

Booking Information

For further information on this course or to book an in-house course, please contact Safesite on Tel: 01293 529977 or via our Contact page.

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