Design, Planning & Installation

A dedicated service from initial inquiry right through to design, installation and beyond.

The full service

Following a site survey or on receipt of site drawings/photographs, our Technical Department will prepare a detailed and cost effective solution for each situation. The recommended solution will include any applicable wind calculations and take into account the structural design of the building and the likely loads applied by the solution and those using the system.

Safesite’s Contracts Department will then organise the complete installation fo the fall protection solution including delivery, access, Safesite operatives and any additional works such as roofing/cladding repairs that may be required. This will require liaison with the client in order to ensure that all parties concerned are aware of every aspect of the contract’s organisation.

Some installations may require routine inspection and certification depending upon the environment and usage. Safesite’s Inspection and Recertification Department will contact you once an installation has been completed to arrange a schedule and costs for annual inspection, recertification and training for all those using the systems. (See Inspection and Certification for further information.)

Design, Planning & Installation
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