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Product / Vertical Fall Protection

The Cabloc fall protection system provides a safe means of access on vertical structures such as fixed ladders, masts, gantries and silos for maintenance purposes.

Cabloc is a vertical tensioned cable system which is clamped to the top of a structure such as a fixed ladder to provide fall protection for those accessing the ladder. The system is extremely flexible in its application and provides the operative with completely hands free protection.   The system has been designed for areas where wind loading prevents the use of a track based system such as Railok, or for instances where a track system would hinder the general use of the system.


Cabloc provides hands free protection


Cabloc features a tensioned galvanised or stainless steel cable with solid core strands to prevent deformation under load.  The cable is clamped to the top of the ladder with an impact indicating shock absorber and then at intermediate points along the length of the stringer.  These intermediate brackets enable the cable to be released when the arrester device passes through.  The tensioned cable then simply springs back into the bracket once the devise has passed through.  An arrester device with a double cam brake is connected to the cable and via a karabiner to the operative's harness.

  • Tensioned galvanised/stainless steel cable prevents deformation under load
  • Provides hands free protection
  • Built in tension indicator guarantees correct installation


Fall Protection Annual Inspection

KeeLine® should be inspected and recertified annually in accordance with BS EN 365 and BS 78883 in order to ensure the continued safety of the systems.


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