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Product / Off the Shelf Kee Walk Step-Overs

Range of standard step over kits which provide a safe, anti-slip walking surface onto and across roofs and over obstacles such as pipework and plant equipment

Off the shelf Step-Over Platform Kits

Our range of modular, off the shelf standardised Kee Walk® Step-Over kits can tackle most obstacles found on rooftops.  The Step-Over kits are suitable for use on a range of roofs types and surfaces including membrane, concrete, asphalt and PVC roofs.

These standard Kee Walk® Step-Over kits are designed to allow safe passage over obstacles and changes in roof level ranging from 600mmm to 1400mm high and include a double handrail, toe-boards, nylon treads and base feet options for roof types.

Each kit is compliant to BS EN 14122-3 and comes partially pre-assembled for speed and ease of installation on site.

Kee Walk Step-Over Kits Features and Benefits

  • Standard, off the shelf kits available from stock
  • Designed in accordance with EN 14122-3
  • Constructed using Kee Klamp® fittings, TÜV approved components for quality assurance
  • Delivered partially assembled for quick and easy installation
  • Provides safe access on rooftops and over plant and machinery
  • Includes double handrail and toe-boards for added safety
  • Suitable for use on membrane, concrete, asphalt and PVC roofs.

High Safety Standards

Kee Walk® Step-Over Kits are designed meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • EN: 14122-3

For metal profile roofs or a height requirement over 1400mm, please see out Bespoke Step-Overs and Bespoke Access Platforms or contact us to further advice.

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