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Product / Modular Demarcation System

High visibility, maintenance free demarcation system for both external and internal applications

Cost-Effective Demarcation Solution

Our high visibility, maintenance free demarcation system is ideal for providing demarcation around plant/equipment and fragile materials or as an economical solution to guardrail, providing it is placed at least 2m from the roof edge.

The system is compact, making it portable and easy to assemble. The demarcation system is further enhanced by a high visibility, two colour, polyurethane chain which links between the support posts.


Easy to install rooftop demarcation system

Demarcation Features and Benefits

  • Provides high visibility demarcation for safe working areas or safe access on a roof
  • Compact design provides ease of transportation and storage
  • Quick and easy to install without the need for training
  • Durable, maintenance free system
  • Provides comprehensive work at height protection when used in conjunction with Edge Protection Systems

Demarcation System Annual Inspection

Demarcation systems should be inspected and recertified annually in order to ensure that they have not been modified or tampered with or moved from the original installation location.


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