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Product / Ladder Accessories

Ladder safety solutions designed to overcome the dangers associated with working off ladders

Ladder Safety Solutions

According to the HSE it’s estimated that over two million ladders are used daily in the UK and over a third of all reported fall from height incidents involve ladders and step ladders.

Our range of Ladder Accessories are designed to offer simple but effective protection by securing the ladder properly  to prevent  it from slipping or moving so that you can work safely.

Ladder Spurs

Laddesr spurs are designed to prevent the ladder from slipping sideways by increasing the base of the ladder.  The spurs are quick and easy to fix.  Simply fit the ladder spur to the back of the ladder stiles and bring the heavy duty ratchet strap around the inside.  Ensure the rubber foot is in contact with the ground before tightening the strap.  Ladder spurs can be attached at any height position to address the problem of sloping ground and overcome the need for a 'second man footing.

Ladder Spurs


Ladder Stand-Off

This simply fits directly onto a ladder to provide increased safety and stability.  Manufactured in aluminium, the Ladder Stand-Off features a  large 'V' shape which helps to position the ladder away from the wall to allow work to be carried out safely around guttering, down pipes and under eaves.  The V shape design also enables the ladder to rest safely on the corner of buildings.

Ladder Spurs

Ladder Restraints

Ladder restraints features stainless steel"J" hooks which are resin fixed into the structural floor slab or wall.  A webbing strap with a hook at one end is then connected to the "J" hooks while the webbing free end threads through the ratchet straps which are connected to each style of the ladder.  A short webbing/rope lanyard should be wrapped around a rung and connected to a fall arrest harness via a karabiner to provide the third point of contact.  This leaves both hands free to carry out the work. 

Ladder Ties or ladder safety

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