KeeLine Lifeline System

The ultimate horizontal safety lifeline system.

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Virtually invisible. Spans up to 12m between supports with no need for corner swaging.

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Innovative traveller allows users to glide over brackets and detach and re-attach themselves at any point.

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Supports up to three users. Progressive Absorbing System (PAS) minimises shock loading in the event of a fall.

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Fixes to any steel cladding panel, beam/column structure, solid parapet walls, or flat roofs via a support post.

KeeLine Horizontal Safety Lifeline System.

Designed for up to three users, the KeeLine horizontal lifeline system (also known as HLL) spans up to 12m between supports, without the need for swaging. The innovatively designed traveler, that connects the user to the fall protection system, simply glides over the system’s brackets, overcoming the need for the user to detach. In the event of a fall, our innovative Progressive Absorbing System (PAS), ensures the loading applied to the building remains below 10Kn.

The handsfree fall protection system has been tested and approved for a variety of roof types including standing seam, membrane and metal profile; it can be installed to any steel cladding panel, beam/column structure, solid parapet wall, and flat roofs via a support post.

The KeeLine horizontal safety lifeline system is suitable rooftops, facades and overhead applications. The system can be fixed directly to the roof using a ‘top fix’ anchor or building structure with a ‘through fix’ Postanka anchor.

Horizontal Fall Protection Life Line.
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KeeLine Safety Lifeline System Features and Benefits.

  • Continual, handsfree fall protection system
  • Tested on a variety of roof types including membrane and metal profile
  • Suitable for rooftops, facades and overhead applications
  • Progressive Absorbing System minimises shock loadings in the event of a fall
  • Allows spans of up to 12m and 3 users
  • Traveller allows users to detach and re-attach at any point on the system

Higher Standards as Standard.

KeeLine horizontal lifeline system not only meets but in many cases, exceeds the highest safety standards, including:

  • BS EN 795 2012
    Personal fall protection equipment. Anchor devices.
Green Roof Fall Protection

KeeLine Case Studies

Kee Line Fall Protection

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KeeLine Wire Based Fall Protection System

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