KeeGuard Ladder Kit.

Freestanding guardrail kit for either side of a fixed ladder with a self-closing safety gate.

Guardrail Kit for Fixed Ladders

The KeeGuard Ladder Kit combines KeeGuard edge protection fixed either side of an existing fixed ladder with a Kee Gate Self Closing Safety Gate to provide safe access onto roofs for maintenance and inspection purposes.

The kit has been designed specifically to provide a ‘retro-fit’ solution to existing cat/fixed ladders and has been independently tested & CE approved to BS EN 14122-4.  Fixing is quick and easy, the kit has been developed to simply clamp on to the existing ladder.  The unique fitting which connects the guardrail to the ladder has been designed to clamp around both flat and tubular stringers with a maximum diameter/width of 75mm.

KeeGuard Ladder Kit Features and Benefits

  • Provides safe access to roofs from fixed ladders
  • Free-standing guardrail either side of fixed ladders
  • Prevents falls down either side of the ladder
  • Free-standing system so no damage to the roof membrane or building’s structure
  • Can be easily retrofitted to existing ladders
  • Reversible self-closing gate for automatic safety
  • Quick and easy to install without the need for training
  • Complies with EN 1422 Part 4

Higher Standards as Standard.

KeeGuard Ladder Kit not only meets but in many cases, exceeds the highest safety standards, including:

  • EN 14122 Part 4

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