Kee Guard® Edge Protection

The market leading freestanding rooftop guardrail system.
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Saves Lives

Provides permanent rooftop edge protection for areas that require regular access for maintenance and inspection.

Saves Roofs

Doesn’t require fixing to the roof structure or membrane, eliminating the risk of leaks and surface damage.

Saves Time

No special training or tools. No threading, no welding, no drilling. Kee Klamp fittings secure horizontal rails in seconds.

Saves Money

Modular design makes it quick and easy to install, and unlike fabricated systems, it allows for any last-minute changes on-site during installation.
Kee Guard Rooftop Guardrail

Free Standing Roof Edge Protection.

Kee Guard Edge Protection Features & Benefits.

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Kee Guard Freestanding edge protection
Kee Guard Rooftop Guardrail.

Higher Standards as Standard.

Latest Technology: BS13700:2021 Permanent Counterweighted Guardrail

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Inspection & Recertification of Systems

When you work at height, you want to be sure that the equipment you're using is safe to use and complies with all legislative requirements. Once the equipment has been installed it must be maintained and examined at least once a year as outlined in legislation and standards such as BS 7883 and BS EN 365 in order to ensure it is safe to use.

What makes Kee Guard® a leading solution for roof edge protection?

Kee Guard® offers a freestanding, counterbalanced system that doesn't penetrate the roof surface, ensuring maximum safety without damaging the roof membrane.

Can Kee Guard® be used on flat roofs and standing seam roofs?

Yes, Kee Guard® is versatile and can be installed on virtually any flat roof or standing seam roof, up to a 10° slope, without compromising the roof covering.

How does the Kee Guard® system comply with safety regulations?

Kee Guard® exceeds safety standards, including BS EN ISO 1461, ensuring compliance with safety executive directives and providing effective fall protection.

Is the installation of Kee Guard® complex?

No, its modular design allows for quick installation without welding, drilling, or the need for special tools, making it a time and cost-saving roof edge protection system.

Can the Kee Guard® system be customised for my specific building needs?

Yes, Kee Guard® offers modular components in kit form ready for assembly, ensuring a flexible and specifically designed solution for your building's roof edge protection.

How does Kee Guard® protect the roof membrane during installation?

By utilising a proven counterbalance system, Kee Guard® provides effective protection without the need for drilling or fixed installation, preserving the integrity of the roof membrane.

Maximizing Rooftop Safety with Kee Guard Roof Edge Protection Systems

Ensuring the safety of individuals working at heights is paramount. Kee Guard Roof Edge Protection Systems offer unrivalled protection, combining ease of installation with steadfast durability. This modular system is specifically designed to prevent falling, providing peace of mind through comprehensive safety measures.

  • Freestanding guardrail system, no penetration of the roof surface or membrane.
  • Modular design for quick installation and adaptability to any roof.
  • Complies with BS EN ISO 1461 standards for ultimate safety and quality.
  • Suitable for flat roofs and standing seam roofs, enhancing versatility.
  • Components supplied in kit form, ready for quick and easy assembly.
  • Protects against falls from height, meeting rigorous safety executive standards.
  • Available for purchase online, with a full range of accessories and options.

Kee Guard’s Roof Edge Protection System is the definitive choice for securing rooftops. Its proven counterbalance system, combined with a modular approach, ensures that your roof is protected without compromising its integrity. From installation to maintenance, Kee Guard is designed to offer lasting safety, making it an essential investment for any building requiring roof edge protection.

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