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Product / Kee Walk Walkway with Guardrail

Rooftop walkway with guardrail for added protection.

Rootop Walkway with Guardrail

Kee Walk® with guardrail is suitable for where workers are exposed to an unprotected edge whilst accessing, egressing or working on a roof.

Walkways with guardrails are the preferred fall protection solution for those working on roofs as it provides the highest level of collective fall protection as stipulated in the work at height hierarchy of control.

Kee Walk® provides a defined, anti-slip route across the roof.  The addition of a guardrail provides protection from hazards without the need for fall arrest systems including PPE such as harnesses and lanyard which require training and supervision.

Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail Features and Benefits

  • Protected anti-slip walkway
  • Cost-effective, non-corrosive protection
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Designed for all main roofing systems up to 35° pitch
  • Walkway tested to EN 516
  • Guardrail compliant to 14122-3 & EN 13374


High Safety Standards

Fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • EN 516: Prefabricated Accessories for Roofing - Installations for roof access - Walkways, treads and steps.
  • Slip resistance to British Standard BS 4592
  • Fire Rated to Class HB of UL94 (harmonised with ISO 9772)
  • Guardrail compliant to EN 14122-3 and EN 13374

Safe Access System Annual Inspection

Fall protection and roof safety systems should be inspected and recertified annually in order to ensure they are safe to use at all times. 

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