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Product / Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway Protection

Demarcated walking surface for roofs which protects the roof's surface from unnecessary foot traffic and potential damage.

Anti-slip Rootop Walkway

Kee Walk® is suitable for use on flat, barrel and sloping roofs.  The system's step and traverse options allow access to be created for virtually any roof configuration from 0 to 35°.

Kee Walk® can be either free standing or fixed to the roof covering and is designed with open tread to ensure that water drains away effectively. Each tread is manufactured in high grade glass reinforced nylon with enhanced slip resistance for adverse weather conditions.  The walkway's modular design uses standard pre-assembled 1.5 and 3m lengths and standard stair treads of 625mm long by 225mm wide. Rotating cam arms allow the stair units to be adjusted easily to the correct angle to ensure a regular rise and going.

Stepped walkway for roofs

Rooftop Walkway Features and Benefits

  • Provides anti-slip, walking surface
  • Roof demarcation protects roof from potential foot traffic damage
  • Modular system can adapt to changing roof angles
  • Easy to install safety walkway
  • Tested to EN 516
  • Covered by Safesite’s 5 year warranty

High Safety Standards

Fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • EN 516: Prefabricated Accessories for Roofing - Installations for roof access - Walkways, treads and steps.
  • Slip resistance to British Standard BS 4592
  • Fire Rated to Class HB of UL94 (harmonised with ISO 9772)

Safe Access System Annual Inspection

Fall protection and roof safety systems should be inspected and recertified annually in order to ensure they are safe to use at all times. 


Anti slip walkway for rooftops

Kee Walk easy to install modular roof walkway system

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