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The Rigid Rail Fall Protection System
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Helping Prevent Fatalities

Falls from a height remain the leading cause of fatal accidents and serious injuries in the workplace. One of the major issues for this is a lack of suitable safety equipment. The Kee Track Fall Protection System (Kee Track) is a rigid rail overhead fall arrest track system produced by Kee Safety and distributed throughout London and the UK by Safesite. The rigid rail fall arrest system offers the safety of short fall arrest distances, with the simplicity, affordability and flexibility of modular installation.

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What makes Kee Track® superior?

Easier Installation

Unlike other fall arrest systems, Kee Track is designed specifically for easier and faster installation. Your new rigid rail system can be specified through simple on-site measurements, and constructed with our off-the-shelf components. You’ll be safely up and back in operation with the least amount of interruption to your scheduled workflow.

Less Expense

Rigid rail fall arrest systems require less maintenance than other overhead systems as they are less prone to degradation. This aspect saves you money by reducing downtime and interruption. The simplicity of the Kee Track fall arrest system allows for full safety compliance with minimal training, ensuring the safety of your workforce and your productivity are kept to the maximum.

A Safer System

The Kee Track system’s rigid track stops a fall with a shorter drop, thus reducing the chance of your worker injuring themselves and damaging sensitive equipment. The system also eliminates the pendulum effect that can often tug at other workers on the same system, potentially causing further damage or injury.

Peace of Mind is Kee®

Safety is one area that no company or organisation can afford to get wrong. Kee Track was designed and created by professional engineers and is backed by a global network of support. Rigorous testing to global standards has been completed in our internationally recognised test facility.

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Better Standards as Standard.

Overhead Fall Protection Solutions: Comparing Kee Line® and Kee Track® Systems
Kee Track Overhead Rigid Rail

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