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Product / Kee i-bolt

Class A1 anchor devices and accessories for safe exterior maintenance from within a building

Safety Eyebolts for External Work

The Kee i-bolt® range of Class A1 safety anchors provide effective fall protection when carrying out external work such as window cleaning or building maintenance from inside the building. The range comprises Ringanka® and Keyanka® which can be installed in a variety of materials.

Ringanka® is available in 3 sizes for use in brick, concrete and masonry and comprises a 16mm diameter unthreaded shank which plugs the drilled hole, reducing the bending effects which can lead to failure during shear loading.

Keyanka® removable eyebolt features a permanently installed grade 316 stainless steel anchor socket which is concealed by a flush fitting white plastic cover.


Internal anchorage for external work

Safety Eyebolt Solution Features and Benefits

  • CE approved to the PPE Directive
  • Class A1 safety eyebolts for use in a range of materials
  • Safe means of access for window cleaning Independently tested at N.E.L. (National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride, UK)
  • Removable eyebolt option

High Safety Standards

Fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • CE approved to the PPE Directive
  • Ringanka® conforms to Class A1 EN 795 and BS 7883
  • Keyanka® conforms to Class A1 EN 795, BS 7883 & ISO 14567

Safety Anchor Annual Inspection

Inspection and recertification of eyebolts must only be carried out by a competent person in accordance with BS EN 365: Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height - General requirements for instructions for use and for marking. This involves removal of the eyebolt for visual inspection purposes in order to check for deterioration. The eyebolt is then reinserted with a new identification tag detailing the installation and re-testing dates. Once reinserted the eyebolt is tested in tension to 6kN for 15 seconds. Throughfix eyebolts require the same examination, the eyebolt is then reinserted and the back nut torqued to 25Nm.


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