Kee Dome® Raised Skylight Protection

Free-standing fall protection for roof lights & skylights.
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Saves Lives

Provides permanent edge protection around roof lights safeguarding maintenance and inspection workers.

Saves Roofs

Doesn’t require fixing onto the roof structure or membrane, eliminating the risk of leaks and surface damage.

Saves Time

No welding or drilling. Base units clamp onto the corners of the roof light. Kee Klamp corner components lock rails in place.

Saves Money

Long-lasting corrosion resistant components. Simple to deconstruct, move and reassemble in a new location.

Free Standing Fall Protection.

Safesite Kee Dome Solution
Safesite Skylight Protection

Kee Dome Safety Features & Benefits.

Higher Standards as Standard.

Safesite Skylight Protection

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Kee Dome Skylight Fall Protection

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