Kee Cover® Skylight Protection

Skylight fall protection covers - The simplest way to safeguard skylights on roofs.
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Easy to Handle

Modular, component-based system, simple to transport and carry onto the roof.

Easy to Assemble

Mesh panels attach to a metal frame constructed with smart, easy-fit Kee Klamp fittings.

Easy to Extend

One and two metre extension panels available for larger roof lights and skylights.

Easy to Adjust

The leg-mounted system caters for different-shaped roof lights and provides added protection in the event of a fall.

Rooflight & Skylight Fall Protection.

Safesite Kee Cover
Kee Cover Roof Light and Skylight Protection

Kee Cover Features & Benefits.

Higher Standards as Standard.

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Kee Cover Skylight Protection

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Kee Cover® Skylight Protection FAQs
1. What is a roof safety system and how does Kee Cover® fit into it?

Answer: A roof safety system includes all measures and installations designed to prevent falls and ensure safety when accessing or working on roofs. Kee Cover® is a crucial component of this system, specifically designed as fall protection for skylights. It prevents falls through fragile roof lights without blocking natural light, aligning with safety standards like the ACR Red Book and BS EN 1873.

2. How does Kee Cover® compare to other fall protection systems?

Answer: Unlike many fall protection systems that can be cumbersome and complex to install, Kee Cover® offers a portable, component-based system that is easy to assemble and handle. It's equipped with mesh panels and Kee Klamp fittings, making it not only user-friendly but also highly effective in fall prevention compared to standard edge protection or anchor point-based systems.

3. Can Kee Cover® be used with air conditioning units and other rooftop installations?

Answer: Yes, Kee Cover® is versatile and can be safely installed around air conditioning units and other rooftop installations. Its modular design allows for extensions and adjustments to accommodate various obstacles, ensuring complete safety without hindering service access to these units.

4. What are the key features of Kee Cover® that enhance user safety?

Answer: Key features of Kee Cover® include hot-dip galvanised components for enhanced durability, variable height for different roof lights, and optional colour-coated frames for better visibility. These features ensure robust fall protection while maintaining the integrity of the roof lights and supporting overall roof safety.

5. How does the installation process of Kee Cover® contribute to fall hazard mitigation?

Answer: The installation process of Kee Cover® is designed to minimise fall hazards by enabling assembly directly on the roof with easy-fit components that do not require specialised tools. This not only reduces the time spent on the roof but also the risk associated with complex installation procedures.

6. Is Kee Cover® suitable for all roof types and slopes?

Answer: Kee Cover® is specifically designed for metal profile roofs and is compatible with both flat roofs and those with trapezoidal and standing seam profiles. Its adjustable leg system allows it to be fitted securely on various roof slopes, providing reliable fall protection across different roof types.

Key Benefits of Kee Cover® Skylight Protection System
Modular Design: Kee Cover®'s component-based system allows for straightforward transportation and installation, making the system extremely user friendly.
Comprehensive Fall Protection: As a top-tier fall protection system, Kee Cover® ensures that all areas around skylights are safeguarded against falls, supporting complete safety on the roof.
Enhanced Durability: With all components and mesh panels hot-dip galvanised, Kee Cover® offers superior durability and longevity, ideal for regular access needs on roofs.
Flexibility and Adjustability: The system's flexibility to cater to different-shaped roof lights and its ability to extend ensure that Kee Cover® can be tailored to specific roof configurations and sizes.
Visibility and Safety: Optional colour coating on frames improves the visibility of the system, reducing the risk of accidental trips and falls, thus enhancing user safety.
Tested and Certified: Kee Cover® meets rigorous safety standards, having been tested according to the ACR Red Book and BS EN 1873 for non-fragility, which guarantees that it can hold substantial loads and impacts.

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