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Product / Kee Cover Roof Light Protection

Modular protection for personnel accessing near fragile roof lights

Safety Solution for Roof Light and Skylight Protection

The Kee Cover® range of roof light protection has been designed specifically for use on metal profile roofs and provides an effective solution for protecting roof lights and skylights without blocking the light into the building.

The range is component based, making it easier to transport to the roof and assemble on site.  Standard mesh panels which are supplied 2m long and 1m wide sit onto the metal frame which is constructed from Kee Klamp® fittings.  2m or 1m long by 1m wide extension panels are available for larger roof lights and skylights.

Kee Cover® is available in two formats, one where the cover is virtually flat to the roof surface, and one which is mounted on small legs so that it is raised above the roof light or skylight.  This provides a greater distance between the mesh panel and the roof light so that the roof light is not damaged in the event of a fall.


Roof light base fitted to roof panel         Skylight cover raised leg assembly


High safety standards

Fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • Class B criteria and loadings required in the ACR Red Book Test for Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies: This ensures a dropped mass (45kg free falling a distance of 1.2m) is retained.  Some damage to the roof light is permitted.
  • BS EN 1873: 1200 joule test which requires a 50kg mass to be dropped 2.4m and retained and ensuring there are no gaps within the mesh greater than 300mm


Robust Roof Light Protection

  • Portable component based system for ease of transportation
  • Components and mesh hot dip galvanised for superior durability
  • Extension panels available for larger roof lights and skylights
  • Variable height caters for different shaped roof lights
  • Frame can be colour coated for improved visibility
  • Tested following requirements of ACR Red Book


Fall protection annual inspection

Kee® Cover should be inspected and recertified annually in accordance with BS EN 365 and BS 7883 in order to ensure the continued safety of the systems. 


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