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Product / Hercule Horizontal Fall Arrest

Horizontal fall arrest/goods carrying enclosed track system, tested to the requirements of EN795.

Overhead Fall Arrest

Hercule caters for low ground clearance applications where conventional fall arrest solutions are not suitable, making it ideal for installation in industrial environments, warehouses, loading bays and vehicle/aircraft maintenance workshops.

The enclosed track system eliminates excessive build-up of debris from collecting on the main running track while the lightweight trolley with sealed bearings allows the operative to move completely "hands free" throughout the system.  This means that if the operative falls the trolley will be immediately above them, so preventing the pendulum effect which is often a problem with conventional horizontal life line systems. 

Hercule’s flexible design means that it is able to cope with bends and changes in height within the run of the system.  The system can also be installed as a double track and trolley device with a further single track running in between to accommodate all required positions, making it particularly suitable for lorry and aircraft maintenance.

Overhead fall protection

High Safety Standards

Fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • EN 795 Class D – Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor devices

Continuous Fall Protection

  • Ideal for low ground clearance applications
  • Allows work to be carried out completely ‘hands free’
  • Flexible design copes with bends and changes in level
  • Enclosed track eliminates build-up of debris
  • Conforms to the requirements of EN795

Fall Protection Annual Inspection

Hercule should be inspected and recertified annually in accordance with BS EN 365 and BS 78883 in order to ensure the continued safety of the systems. 

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