Fragile Roof Access

Safe Working Platforms for Fragile Roofs

Board Walk

portable open mesh walkway system which provides access from the eaves to ridge by spreading the weight load across the support battens.  Board-Walk is designed to fit individual roof sizes and configurations and can be installed to run vertically up, or down, or horizontally across the roof.

Hatch Board-Walk has been specifically designed to allow users to bridge over a fragile valley but to also have access to the valley below when needed for maintenance purposes.  The 2m sections made from high-grade aluminium staging are simply lifted up for access to the valley and then lowered back down again once the work is finished to create a safe working platform.

Mobile Valley Frame

Ideal for short term protection when life lines or guardrails are not provided. The system is extremely compact, portable and easy to assemble making it the perfect solution for maintenance of valleys and box gutter details on fragile roofs such as asbestos.

  • Lightweight, Portable protection
  • Compact design for ease of transportation and storage
  • Easy and quick to assemble on site

Roof Walk

fully guarded rolling work platform mounted onto twin tracks which allows workers to move freely and safely up and down the roof.

  • Full guarded rolling platform mounted onto twin tracks
  • Provides safe movement up and down a roof
  • Platform length 4.6m standard
  • Available as 2.5m platform with 4m twin modular linking track sections
  • Fitted with safety mesh and support batons
  • High grade aluminium
  • Total weight including track, 361kg
Roof Walk Platform for Fragile Roof Work

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