Easily the smartest portable work platform, anywhere.

Safesite Easy to use Icon
Easy to Use

Provides quick, safe access to roof level without having to worry about obstacles like porches and bay windows.

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Easy to Install

Assembled at ground level and hoisted into position. No tools required. Ready for use in less than 10 minutes.

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Easy to Adjust

Independently adjustable, telescopic legs provide a secure base on uneven or sloping ground.

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Easy to Handle

Lightweight, simply to store and transport. Compact enough to fit in a van or estate car.

Easi by Name. Easy by Nature.

A simple and highly cost-effective alternative to scaffolding. Easi-Dec portable work platforms are ideal for temporary applications such as window replacement, roof and chimney maintenance and fascia, soffit and gutter repairs. Two or more platforms can be linked with a Catwalk to provide an extended working area.

The standard Easi-Dec platform is 2m long and suitable for two workers. A smaller version, Mono-Dec, is available for one person. We also offer a Solar Platform with a hoist facility and floor opening.

Safesite EasiDec
Safesite EasiDec

Higher Standards as Standard.

Easi-Dec not only meets but in many cases, exceeds the highest safety standards, including:

  • NEN EN13374 Class C
  • NEN EN12811
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