Davit Access Systems

Davit Systems for Façade Access

Davit arm systems provide an effective means of façade access offering safe and secure anchorage for abseiling purposes.   A typical system comprises of a permanent base that is fixed to the building structural substrate such as concrete or structural steel. A removable rotating Davit arm is then locked in place before use, enabling abseiling operatives to extend safely over the edge of a roof or parapet.

These systems are ideal for use where non-load bearing parapets preclude the use of standard anchor posts, and where obstructions such as overhangs, cornices, glass or architectural details are present.

Davit Access Systems Features and Benefits

  • Can be retrofitted to existing structures
  • Safe and secure anchorage for façade access
  • Bespoke systems to suit specific applications
  • Fixing methods to suit the building structure
  • Minimises ropes trailing over the parapet
  • Provide a discreet solution for maintenance access needs

Higher Standards as Standard.

Safesite’s bespoke davit arm systems are designed to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • EN 795

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