Bespoke Access Platforms

Custom designed access platforms and mobile platforms for safe access to meet virtually all site requirements.

Modular Platforms for Flexible Design.

There are times when traditional forms of access such as off the shelf fabricated platforms or other systems such as ladders are not suitable. In these situations, we can design either a mobile or static custom platform to meet site-specific requirements and to provide a safe working platform.  Our Bespoke Access Platforms are modular in design and available in either aluminium or steel using Kee Lite and Kee Klamp fittings to provide an extremely secure, robust, corrosion resistant access platform. Using off the shelf fittings also allows the platforms to be delivered and constructed quickly and easily, with minimal disruption on-site.

Mobile Access Platforms

Suitable for difficult to reach areas such as access to machinery, warehouse racking or maintenance of vehicles, Safesite’s Mobile Access Platforms can be designed to suit virtually any requirement.  Platforms are custom built and can be designed up to 3m in height.  When higher access is required, the platform is constructed with the addition of an extra support arm.

Each platform is tailor made and delivered with drawings to clearly show how to construct the platform. Small platforms can be delivered fully assembled but will need checking before use.  Larger platforms are delivered in component form and assembled on site by Safesite’s experienced engineers.

Safesite’s Bespoke Mobile Access Platforms are designed in accordance with relevant standards such EN 1004:2004, BS 1139-6:2005 or PAS 250.  CAD drawings are provided with quotations to allow you to visualise the recommended platform design.

Bespoke Access Platforms

Bespoke Access Platforms are ideal for providing safe access over pipework, plant equipment, and conduits, to accommodate changes in roof levels or as a safe work platform.

Regular access is required to roofs for maintenance and repair purposes, but many of today’s roofs contain a variety of trip hazards, making safe access difficult, if not impossible.  In these cases, traditional solutions such as ladders or portable access platforms are not always suitable.  Like our Bespoke Mobile Access Platforms, Bespoke Access Platforms can be constructed to meet virtually any configuration, height and width.

Bespoke Access Platforms are modular in design for ease and speed of installation and can be either freestanding or fixed to a suitable surface.  Units are available in galvanised steel or aluminium and are designed to comply with current regulations and standards such as the Work at Height Regulations, BS5395: Part 3 and EN: 14122.

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