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Safe reliable access

A range of self closing industrial safety gates for use on rooftops and in industrial environments.


Free standing roof guardrail range

A free standing edge protection system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. KeeGuard® is fully tested and meets or exceeds roof top safety requirements.


Collective protection for roofs with limited space

KeeGuard Premium has been designed to provide free standing edge protection for roofs with limited space such as around solar panels.


Metal profile and standing seam roof protection

KeeGuard® Topfix has been specially designed to provide collective edge protection for metal profile and standing seam roofs up to 45°


Discreet edge protection

KeeGuard Foldshield can be quickly lifted into place when work is in progress, and then folded back down when finished to provide discreet edge protection that does not detract from a building's aesthetics.


Safe access to roofs from fixed ladders

KeeGuard Ladder Kit consists of freestanding guardrail and a self closing safety gate for safe roof access via fixed ladders


Free standing fall protection system

Kee Dome modular, free standing fall protection system for fragile areas including rooflights, skylights, domelights and roof hatches.


Wire based fall arrest and restraint system

KeeLine is a wire based horizontal fall protection system for up to 3 users.


Overhead personal fall protection system

KeeLine Overhead provides personal protection for up to two users and is ideal for applications where fall protection is required directly above the user.


Overhead fall arrest

Track based overhead fall protection for low ground clearance


Portable anchorage system for short term work on roofs

Weightanka mobile man anchor provides personal safety for short term work on roofs.


Fall protection for vertical structures

Cabloc provides fall protection when accessing structures such as masts, gantries, fixed ladders and silos


Bespoke modular step-overs

Bespoke step-over solutions for difficult to reach areas on roofs.


Modular platforms tailored to specific requirements

Safe access for areas where off the shelf fabricated platforms or other systems are not appropriate


Safe working platforms for fragile roofs

Range of fragile roof access equipment for providing short term protection for work on fragile or industrial roofs.


Demarcation system for rooftop and ground based applications

Safesite's high visibility demarcation system for rooftops and ground based applications


Safe, anti-slip, level walkway for roofs

Modular system which provides a safe, demarcated walkway for roofs while protecting the roof's surface


Class A1 Anchor Device

Range of eyebolts designed to reduce the risk of falling whilst carrying out external work such as window cleaning from inside a building.


Safesite's work at height rescue kit allows a person rescued from a point of safety

Easy to use kit to rescue a suspended casualty


Working safely off ladders

Range of ladder accessories have been designed to offer simple yet effective protection for those working from ladders as recommended by the HSE


Range of structural support posts

Postanka range of anchors are designed for when mounting directly to a building's structure is the preferred option.


Protection for fragile roof lights and skylights

Modular systems for protecting roof lights and skylights on metal profile roofs such as those on industrial buildings.


Safe movement of goods between floors

The Kee Gate range of Pallet Gates can be seamlessly integrated into existing guardrails to provide continuous protection for employees whilst moving goods on a mezzanine or raised working surfaces.


Safety Sign Solutions

A range of signs to provide a safe environment on roofs for workers and members of the public.


Pre-assembled standard step-over kits

Our range of standard, modular Step-Over kits are designed to accommodate changes in roof level and to provide safe access over obstacles


Kee Klamp®

Kee Klamp® fittings are recognised as a mainstay in the construction of tubular structures such as ground based barriers and guardrails.


Kee Access®

The Kee Access® range has been developed in order to fulfil the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (previously DDA) and the Building Regulations Part M.


Protected rooftop walkway system

Collective fall prevention featuring Kee Walk rooftop walkway with guardrail.


Off the shelf mini step over kits

Off the shelf step-over kits for safe access over obstacles on roofs such as pipework or low level walls.


Facade access for abseiling

Bespoke designed and installed davit access systems for safe façade maintenance access and abseiling operations.