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Installations / Cabloc fall arrest at Kemsley Mill

Vertical fall protection for structures

A Cabloc vertical fall arrest system has been installed at Kemsley Mill to provide safe access to the Mill’s CCTV and lighting systems for maintenance purposes.

Kemsley Mill is one of Europe’s most technologically advanced paper mills.  As with many of today’s modern sites, CCTV cameras and flood lighting are strategically placed around the mill to provide a safe working environment.  However the provision of the systems lead to a further health and safety issue, how to ensure that the maintenance of the equipment could be carried out safely and efficiently.

The installation of Safesite’s Cabloc allows workers to access the towers housing the CCTV and lighting systems as and when required in total safety.  Cabloc has been developed as an alternative fall arrest system for areas such a towers or lighting masts where a track system would impede the use of the original structure.  The system is based on a vertical tensioned cable and arrester device, providing maximum strength, flexibility and durability of the installation.  Cabloc’s cable is clamped to the top of the tower with an impact shock absorber and then at regular intervals along the length of the system.  Should an operative fall then the shock absorber will absorb the energy released by the fall, preventing serious injury.

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