Inspection & Certification

When you work at height, you want to be sure that the equipment you’re using is safe to use and complies with all legislative requirements.  Once equipment has been installed it must be maintained and examined at least once a year as outlined in legislation and standards such as BS 7883:2019 and BS EN 365 in order to ensure it is safe to use.

Inspection, Testing and Recertification Service

As part of our recertification and inspection service, Safesite’s qualified engineers will not only assess roof safety equipment such as life line systems and guardrails, but will also inspect and certify all PPE used in conjunction with this equipment, including lanyards and harnesses. Once completed, we will provide you with a certificate of compliance or, if appropriate, a schedule of remedial work which is required in order for the system to become compliant.

In addition to the inspection, testing and recertification service, our engineer will also advise on any fall from height concerns around the site and, if required, carry out individual training on equipment provided. This will help to ensure that everyone using the safety equipment is trained on the correct usage as well as how to check equipment such as PPE for any sign of fault before using it.

Why Annual Insepctions are Important

Call us on Tel:01293 989272 or email: [email protected] for details of our inspection and recertification service or how to save money on your annual recertification with our 3 and 5 year contracts.

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