Classic Couverture Case Study

Hercule provides safe access to tankers

Safe Access on Vehicle Roofs

Safesite’s Hercule Fall Arrest System has been installed at Classic Couverture’s distribution plant in Liverpool to provide a permanent fall arrest system for operatives needing to access the top of the company’s tankers.

Classic Couverture manufactures and processes chocolate in both liquid and solid forms for major retailers such as M&S and Sainsbury’s. The company approached Safesite for advice on how to protect workers needing access to the top of the tankers in order to fill them with liquid chocolate. Safe access to the vehicles was already being provided by a gantry with guardrails, but the problem was how to allow the workers to safely walk along the top of the tankers without restricting movement.

Safesite Hercule Install

The Hercule horizontal fall arrest system offered the perfect solution by providing complete hands free safety. Hercule’s enclosed track system, which incorporates a lightweight trolley with sealed bearings, allows the workers to move freely and operate totally hands free along the length of the vehicles.

The system’s trolley mechanism has the further important benefit of preventing the pendulum effect in the event of a fall which can often be a problem with conventional horizontal life line systems. Hercule caters for low ground clearance instances where conventional fall arrest solutions would not work, the flexibility of the system’s design meant that it was able to meet the specific installation requirements presented by Classic Couverture’s distribution plant.

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