Case Study: Brixton Recreation Centre

Safety Certifications & Access Solutions For Iconic Recreation Centre

As certified safety professionals often have the pleasure of working on a multifaceted project that requires a range of our safety solutions combined with our unrivalled safety recertification services.
Occupational safety certifications, safety training and workplace safety, are all things we know a lot about.
Our client is a well-loved Recreation Centre in Brixton, London, that requires safe access for works, including roof maintenance, Safesite safety solutions and certification.
We delivered safety ladders, Bespoke Access Platforms, Ladders, KeeGuard and Recertification on a challenging yet rewardable project which took almost four years to complete.

About the Client


Lambeth Council and Edge approached Safesite in 2021 with a budget of £65,000 to provide safe access to Brixton Recreation Centre.
The building boasts a copper finish that coats the entire roof, making this property unique from anywhere else. For this reason, all safe access solutions must be respectful of the surfaces they are applied to.

We looked to engineer and design safe roof access using our secure, compliant and accessible Guardrail System that did not compromise the listed property and its delicate design features with detailed planning.

As a part of the Kee Safety global group, we have access to cutting edge, innovative technology, enabling us to offer them unrivalled engineering and recertification services currently unavailable anywhere else in the market.

Safe Access Solutions

1. KeeGuard Ladder Kit.

The KeeGuard Freestanding guardrail kit was a great roof inspection solution for Brixton Recreational Centre. It combines KeeGuard edge protection fixed on either side of an existing fixed ladder with a Kee Gate Self Closing Safety Gate.
Fixing the kit is quick and easy, as it has been designed to clamp onto existing ladders. The unique fitting has been designed to secure around both flat and tubular stringers with a maximum diameter/width of 75mm.

  • Provides safe access to roofs from fixed ladders
  • The freestanding system prevents damage to the surface membrane
  • Reversible self-closing gate for automatic safety

2. Free Standing Roof Edge Protection.

KeeGuard rooftop edge protection is suitable for virtually any flat roof up to a 10° slope and includes a market-leading counterweight system which is highly visible, non-slip, and made from 100% recycled PVC.
We chose this freestanding roof edge protection for its compatibility with various surfaces, meaning it would work with all grade II listed Recreational Centre areas.

All our Guardrails are manufactured with galvanized to prevent corrosion and provide unrivalled weather protection. Benefits include:

  • Rooftop edge protection
  • Collective roof guardrail protection
  • Freestanding, counterbalanced system
  • Overcomes the need to penetrate the roof membrane
  • Suitable for flat roof surfaces up to 10° slope

3. Bespoke Access Platforms

We chose to use a Bespoke Access Platform as they are ideal for providing safe access over pipework, plant equipment, and conduits and can be custom designed for secure access to meet virtually all site requirements.
Due to the delicate nature of the Recreational Centre building and the regulations required for this kind of structure, the Bespoke Access Platform was the perfect safety solution to provide an extremely secure, robust, corrosion-resistant access platform.

Safety Certification


No project is without its challenges and working on safe access for such a sensitive build site was no different.

Due to multiple changes in contractors working with Lambeth Council, team changes and numerous planning delays due to the listed nature of this property, overall, we experience nearly a 4-year delay from initial enquiry to installation.

As a busy inner site location, multiple delays caused by bus lane permits and parking bay closures meant an alternative crane location had to be sought.
The success of the project, despite its complexities, is a testament to the experience and hard work of all those involved.


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