Why you need a rescue plan

By Jason Godfrey, General Manager, Safesite Ltd

I recently came across this video which shows a real life rescue and is the perfect example of why you need to have a rescue plan in place when working at height.

The worker, a Texas Department of Transportation contractor, was carrying out maintenance work on the bridge. He was walking along a catwalk under the bridge when he fell.  Thankfully his safety harness stopped him plunging to the water below but he spent a harrowing hour suspended over 41m above the water before being rescued by firefighters.

“We were telling him to remain calm, to wiggle his feet, keep blood flowing to his legs and to rest assured that we were going to get him out of that situation,” said Capt. Mario Gordon of the Houston Fire Department.

The team eventually hoisted the man through a manhole in the bridge using a tripod and winch.

Click here to watch the video

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