Logistics firm fined following fragile roof fall

A Leicestershire Crown Court judge has said it was “a miracle he was not killed” when fining a logistics firm £75,000 with costs of over £29,000 after an employee fell from a fragile roof.

The employee, who had said he was worried about being sent up onto the roof  after being told to carry our repairs to cracks, fell some 10m through the roof onto a concrete floor below.  As a result of the fall the employee suffered life-changing injuries, including a broken neck, back and ribs. The HSE investigation found that the worker had been sent up onto the roof without any means to prevent a fall from the roof edge or through the fragile material itself.

When finding the logistics firm guilty of breaching Regulation 4(1) of the Work at Height Regulations, the judge stated that the work at height was clearly a dangerous job.

The HSE inspector who investigated and prosecuted the case said: “The risk of falls through fragile roofs is well-known and the precautions required are simple and effective.  This sentence will serve as a warning to firms that knowingly risk employees' lives in the course of their work will not be tolerated.”

Companies have a duty to ensure that work, particularly work at height, is planned properly and that the correct equipment is used to protect those carrying out the work. Safesite can advise on and provide solutions so that work on fragile and industrial roofs can be carried out in complete safety.  For further information on our range of fragile roof solutions, please call us on Tel: 01293 529977.

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