How to create safe access around a roof

Today’s roofs contain a variety of hazards which can make is difficult for people working on the roof to access it safely.  This can make simple maintenance tasks difficult to carry out and time consuming.  

Often safe access onto and around a roof is forgotten about at the planning stage or when installing additional plant and equipment.  Poorly placed equipment, changes in level and the introduction of obstacles such as pipework all add to making simple work not only difficult but dangerous as workers can be put at risk of injury or a fall.

These problems can be quickly and easily solved with the introduction of access platforms or step-overs which quite simply provide safe access over the obstacle or onto another level.

What are typical obstacles on roofs?

Typical obstacles include cable beds, conduits and pipework.  These create a trip hazard and injury risk to workers or contractors and make movement across your roof harder.

Step-Overs provide a quick and simple solution this problem by creating a safe route over the obstacle.


Roof step-over from Safesite


Step-Overs can be fabricated to fit over the obstacle, however this can time and once on site the step-over is prone to rust and failure.  A more cost-effective and long term solution is to construct the step-over from fittings and tube.   Fittings such as Kee Klamp offer a strong and durable solution and are more resistant to corrosion, lasting up to seven times longer than fabricated systems.

Our Step-Overs are modular and constructed from highly durable Kee Klamp galvanised steel or aluminium tubular fittings.  We have a range of simple kit-form solutions, mini-step overs for smaller obstacles such as cable trays, or we can design a system to specific site requirements.  These bespoke designs can be tailored to meet virtually any configuration, height or width, without sacrificing durability.

All our Step-Overs are designed to comply with current regulations and standards, including the Work at Height Regulations and EN 14122 part 3 and 4.

Alternatively, if you do not have a need for a full sized system, we can supply our Mini Step-Over Kits smaller obstacles such as cables or pipes.


Coping with changes in Level

Changes in level, often created by an extension or construction of a  new building or complex obstacels can also  hamper safe access around a roof for maintenance purposes.  Where this occurs, the safest and most effective solution to this is in the form of access platforms, which will allow safe access from one area to another.


Like our Step-Overs, we can design a bespoke access platform to suit virtually any scenario. Bespoke access platforms are also easy and quick to install and will provide safe access  for a long time.

As no drilling or welding  is required, our access platforms can be pre-assembled  before delivery to site, making them the ideal solution if you want a premium product with minor site disruption.

Further Information

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