Guardrail kit for ladder access points

Our new KeeGuard® Ladder Kit provides a safe means of access onto roofs from fixed ladders and cat ladders.

The Kit comprises KeeGuard® guardrail either side of the ladder and a self closing safety gate for safe access onto the roof.  The KeeGuard® Ladder Kit has been specially designed to be retrofitted to existing ladders and to meet the requirements of EN 14122-4 Safety of machinery – permanent means of access to machinery.  Part 4 -Fixed Ladders requires that in order to prevent someone falling through the access opening, “the opening shall be provided with a gate,” and that 'drop edges' should be protected by guardrail at least 1.5m from either side of the ladder.  If the drop edge is less than 3m in length, the entire edge should be protected.

Ease of Installation

The KeeGuard® Ladder Kit has been developed so that it easily clamps onto the ladder and forms a continual link from the guardrail to the ladder's stringer.  The unique fitting which connects the guardrail to the ladder is able to clamp around both flat and tubular stringers with a maximum diameter/width of 75mm.  A further benefit of the Kit is that it provides permanent edge protection without the need to mechanically fix the system through the roof's membrane or building's structure.

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