Freak ladder accident highlights importance of training

The case of an unfortunate DYI hobbyist who suffered a five day ordeal after slipping and getting his head trapped in a stepladder has highlighted the importance of knowing how to use a ladder safely.

The unnamed man, thought to be in his sixties, was decorating his bedroom at his home in Mattaincourt in France when the incident occurred. He was on the top step of the ladder when he slipped and fell, trapping his head.

Once stuck between two rungs, the man’s head swelled and he was unable to reach the phone to call for help. 

It was only when his sister visited the house five days later that she discovered her brother, conscious but severely dehydrated. He was rushed to hospital for tests and treatment.


The danger of ladders

Whilst this was a freak event, it goes to show how dangerous ladders can be, and how important it is to be fully trained and competent before using them.

There are around two million ladders in daily use across the UK and it is perhaps unsurprising that they are behind 40% of fall from height injuries, with over 48,000 people presenting to A&E each year due to falls from ladders.

However, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to keep safe when working on ladders.


Proper training

Ladders are used on thousands of sites across the UK, many improperly, and contribute to many injuries and lost time. It is hugely important to ensure workers on these sites know how to properly utilise ladders, which is why we offer a comprehensive, in-house ladder training course.

The course helps develop an understanding and practical knowledge of the safe use, adequate inspection and appropriate selection of ladders and stepladders, as well as teaching the necessary knowledge and training to enable the user to undertake ladder and stepladder use and inspections with confidence.

For more information about our ladder training course, call us on 01293 529977 or use our online contact form.


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