Ensure your systems are safe for 2019

With a new year well and truly in full swing, most people are overwhelmed with everything they need to sort for 2019. It’s tempting to put some things on the backburner, but there are some important things which shouldn’t be ignored, like meeting your health and safety responsibilities.

The Work at Height Regulations state that all safety systems and equipment should be inspected, tested and recertified regularly by a competent person.

Here at Safesite, we inspect and recertify hundreds of fall protection systems each year, and we know just how important it can be, as well as how devastating it can be when a system fails due to negligence.

Having your systems inspected and recertified regularly is a vital part of keeping the people who access your roof safe. Neglecting this responsibility can lead not just to a severe fine or custodial sentence, but serious injury or death, and a very heavy conscience.

You should carry out a thorough inspection of your fall protection systems such as lifelines and anchors before each use, and we recommend you have them recertified by a professional at least once a year.

As part of our recertification service, a qualified engineer will not only assess roof safety equipment such as life line systems and guardrails, but will also inspect and certify all PPE used alongside this equipment, including any lanyards and harnesses. Once completed, we will provide you with a certificate of compliance or, if necessary, a schedule of remedial work which is necessary in order for the system to be compliant.

Our engineers can also advise on any fall from height concerns around the site and, if needed, carry out individual training on equipment provided. This will help to ensure that everyone using the safety equipment is fully trained on the correct usage as well as how to check equipment such as PPE for any sign of fault before using it.

Inspection and recertification is one of the most vital parts of ensuring your site runs smoothly and safely, and we want to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

For more information on recertification, call us on 01293 529977 or use our online contact form. You can also watch our very informative recertification infographic video here.

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