Don’t choose between budget and keeping workers safe

By Richard Dyson, Safesite General Manager

It’s a common conundrum for every site manager and contractor. How can you keep to your budget without putting workers’ lives at risk? At Safesite, we want to make safe, efficient work a reality for everyone, no matter the budget.

When it comes to working at height, work at height regulations state collective protection like guardrail should always be prioritised over personal protection, such as lifelines.

KeeGuard guardrail is the perfect collective edge protection solution for almost every situation and scenario, designed to provide permanent edge protection for areas where regular access is required for maintenance and inspection purposes.

Each guardrail system is freestanding and does not require fixing into the roof’s structure or membrane, and is suitable for installation on virtually any configuration of flat roofs up to 10° slope.

Whilst this solution is very popular and effective, the fact remains that in today’s competitive climate, cost is everything. You want the safest possible solution for your project without breaking the bank.

When it comes to specifying guardrail, particularly for large jobs, the overall price can sometimes be too expensive for customers' limited budget.  In these situations, combining demarcation and guardrail systems can provide a cost effective solution and give you a competitive advantage.

Our high visibility, Modular Demarcation system is ideal for providing demarcation around plant, equipment and fragile materials. The system is compact, making it portable and easy to assemble.

The demarcation system is further enhanced by a high visibility, two colour, polyurethane chain which links between the support posts.

As long as it is placed at least two metres from the roof’s edge, modular demarcation is a perfectly functional alternative to the more costly guardrail, though in most cases it will not fulfil all the same functions that guardrail would.

By combining the two, and using demarcation where possible and safe, you can cut down the overall cost of your project without sacrificing your safety, or the safety of workers who might make their way onto the roof.

For more information about how to achieve this on your roof, or to get a quote, give our experts a call on 01293 529977 or use our online contact form.

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