Changes to the BS 7883 Standard

BS 7883:2019, available to purchase from the HSA website here, dictates the rules regarding the recertification of anchor devices and systems, and is the most recent amendment to BS 7883, providing a comprehensive best practice document for anchor devices, and systems used in work at height.

Our FREE introduction to BS 7883:2019 White Paper is available to download at the bottom of this article.

Fall Protection Recertification by Safesite London
Fall Protection Recertification by Safesite London

BS 7883

With its introduction in 1997, BS 7883 created comprehensive guidelines for the design, installation, and especially maintenance of anchor devices, such as eyebolts.

It was revised in 2005, and then again most recently in 2019, where it was expanded upon to reflect advancements within fall protection systems technology. It is this most recent amendment which could affect your fall protection solution.

The new legislation now covers five ‘types’ of anchor system:

  • TYPE A: Permanently fixed Anchor Systems, incorporating one or more structural anchors, such as an eyebolt.
  • TYPE B: Removable and transportable anchors that do not incorporate a structural anchor, and hence are not permanently fixed to a structure.
  • TYPE C: Structurally anchored Anchor Systems, incorporating a flexible anchor line such as wire rope, fibre rope, or webbing.
  • TYPE D: Structurally anchored Anchor Systems incorporating a rigid rail or tube.
  • TYPE E: Anchor Devices relying solely on mass and friction between themselves and load-bearing surfaces.

Regular inspection and recertification by a competent third party such as Safesite is a legal responsibility, and we have made it a core part of our business.

This change to the standard, guided by the British Standards (PH5) Committee, will go a long way to ensure the ongoing integrity of occupational health and safety throughout the UK. It does mean many systems installed and even re-certified prior to the 2019 amendment may no longer be compliant.

Fall Protection Recertification by Safesite London
Fall Protection Recertification by Safesite London

Why is recertification vital?

In the UK, over 25% of all fatal, accidental workplace injuries come from falls from height, with 40 workers suffering fatal injuries due to falls in 2019 alone. A large percentage of these deaths can be traced back to falls over and through roofs. This is why safety systems are vital, and why it is so important to regularly inspect and re-certify them.

If you have not had your anchor devices or fall protection systems inspected  and re-certified following this new amendment, your system may no longer be compliant, leaving you open for potential legal issues should a fall occur.

All fall protection systems should be inspected and re-certified by a competent third party annually (at least), according to UK legislation. Whilst equipment should be inspected before each use, a regular, in-depth inspection by a fully trained engineer is required.

The engineer should be fully aware of components used, and ensure they are present and correct, able to identify components which are missing, incorrectly assembled, incompatible, or simply worn out.

Re-certification is a central part of our safety ethos, and working closely on an ongoing basis with clients is critical, to ensure the safety of their systems.

With the introduction of the 2019 BS 7883 amendment, we at Safesite are getting in touch with all of our clients to inform them of the change, and offer the assistance of our skilled, highly-trained recertification engineers.

Fall Protection Recertification
Fall Protection Recertification by Safesite London

What do you need to do?

Whilst BS 7883:2019 seems far more in-depth and severe than previous versions of the standard, it exists to provide greater protection to anyone working at height.

Assuming a system is compliant because ‘it was’ when it was installed, or because it has an existing certificate, is no longer sufficient. That is why we are proactively contacting all of our Safesite customers to ensure the safety of their systems across the UK and Ireland, and offering the services of our expert recertification engineers.

Our Safesite engineers can rigorously inspect all types of existing anchor devices and fall protection systems, to ensure they fully meet the amended guidelines, and providing a full inspection report with advice you can trust.

By taking the opportunity to meet the updated standard, you can be safe in the knowledge your systems are fit for use, protecting both your employees, and your business.

How can Safesite help you?

Whatever system you need, it is crucial you choose a reputable safety solutions supplier with a solid industry reputation. At Safesite, we offer a holistic, end-to-end rooftop safety solution from design and installation right through to long-term aftercare recertification service.

With the implementation of 7883:2019, we are working closely with both long-term and new clients to ensure their systems are fully re-certified, and meet this crucial standard.

For more information, download our Safesite BS 76883 Whitepaper for free.

Safesite BS 7883 Recertification Whitepaper

As part of the global Kee Safety Group, we can offer the highest-quality equipment and service to all our customers, ensuring safe work at height everywhere. To find out more, call us on 01293 529977 or use our online contact form.

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