CDM 2015 Regulations Come into Force

This week (6th April) saw the introduction of the new CDM 2015 Regulations which are designed to reduce accidents during construction projects through improved health and safety, design, planning and co-operation throughout the project.

The regulations, which supersede the 2007 CDM Regulations, identify six core roles: Clients, Principal Designers, Designers, Principal Contactors, Contractors and Workers. Under these new regulations clients are required to take responsibility and ensure that each phase of the construction process is planned so that it can be managed safely. Clients now have a duty to:

  • assemble a team of competent professionals and ensure that each of their roles are clear
  • allocate sufficient time and resources at each stage of the project to ensure that health and safety issues are dealt with properly
  • ensure effective project team communication
  • provide suitable welfare facilities throughout the construction period
  • make sure all involved have the skills, training and expertise to carry out the work

The role of CDM co-ordinator under CDM 2007 has been replaced with a new role of principal designer.  Where projects have more than one contractor, the client must appoint a principal designer and principal contractor  and ensure that resources are available for projects to be planned and implemented safely.

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