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Installed Fall Protection Solutions

Safesite was one of the original manufacturers of free-standing guardrails and now supplies and installs a full range of fall protection systems including guardrails, lifelines, mobile man anchors, overhead fall protection, fragile roof access, rooftop walkway systems, rescue kits, self-closing safety gates and anchorage systems, and is one of the few companies able to offer a complete range of solutions from a single source.

Supply Only Products

We offer a range of products at extremely competitive prices if you want to install your own system or just require a single item. Where relevant, site-specific layout drawings are provided free of charge as is a complete O&M manual covering the product's assembly, installation and recertification requirements.

Crawley Trade Counter

Our Trade Counter is ideally situated for the M25 and M23 motorways. We stock a range of PPE, Fall Protection and Kee Klamp fittings and are open for collection from 8.30 am until 4.30 pm Monday to Friday. We hold stock for most PPE, Fall Protection and common Kee Klamp fittings, however, it is advisable to check stock availability first or to pre-order your items by telephone, email or via our Contact Form.

Accreditations & Certifications

Safesite is committed to the environment, health & safety, quality and to providing a competent and reliable service. This is demonstrated by our accreditation by a number of leading assessment schemes and industry bodies including CHAS, ConstructionLine, SafeContractor and ISO.
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Inspection & Recertification of Systems

When you work at height, you want to be sure that the equipment you're using is safe to use and complies with all legislative requirements. Once the equipment has been installed it must be maintained and examined at least once a year as outlined in legislation and standards such as BS 7883 and BS EN 365 in order to ensure it is safe to use.

What is fall protection and why is it important?

Fall protection is the use of controls designed to protect personnel from falling or in the event they do fall, to stop them without causing severe injury. It's crucial for preventing personal injury and fulfilling health and safety regulations.

How often should fall protection equipment be inspected?

Fall protection equipment, including safety harnesses and lifelines, must be inspected and certified at least once a year to ensure they comply with BS 7883:2019 and BS EN 365 standards, ensuring worker safety and equipment reliability.

What types of fall protection systems does Safesite inspect and certify?

Safesite inspects and certifies a wide range of fall protection systems, including roof cables, guardrails, safety nets, and personal protective equipment, ensuring all comply with relevant health and safety standards.

Can Safesite provide training on the correct use of fall protection equipment?

Yes, Safesite’s qualified engineers offer training on the correct use of fall protection equipment, ensuring workers understand how to check for faults and use the equipment safely to prevent falls and injuries.

What happens if my fall protection equipment fails inspection?

If your fall protection equipment fails inspection, Safesite will provide a schedule of required remedial work to make your system compliant, ensuring the safety of your workers and the integrity of your fall protection system.

How can I save money on my annual recertification for fall protection equipment?

Contact Safesite to learn about saving on annual recertification through our 3 & 5-year contracts, ensuring your fall protection systems remain compliant and operational at a reduced cost.

Why Is It So Important to Keep Your Fall Protection Safety Systems Up-To-Date?

Ensuring your fall protection systems are current is vital for the safety and well-being of your workers. Regular updates and maintenance prevent falls, mitigate risks, and comply with safety regulations, protecting your employees and your business from the consequences of accidents:


  • Complies with current safety regulations, preventing legal issues.
  • Reduces risk of personal injury from falls or falling objects.
  • Enhances worker confidence in their safety, boosting productivity.
  • Identifies wear or faults in equipment, preventing accidents.
  • Ensures safety nets and toe boards are effective against falling objects.
  • Protects against the most common causes of workplace injuries.
  • Demonstrates commitment to health and safety, improving company reputation.


Keeping fall protection equipment up-to-date is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a critical investment in the safety and security of your employees. Regular inspections and maintenance provide peace of mind, ensuring that your workers are protected against height risks and that your operations comply with relevant health and safety standards.

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