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Product / Mobile Man Anchor

Portable anchorage device for use with PPE designed for low frequency operations such as maintenance to plant and equipment on roofs.

Portable Roof Anchor for Short Term Work

Safesite’s Mobile Man Anchor has been specifically designed to provide short term safety for low frequency operations where guardrails are not provided, such as for maintenance of flat roofs or plant & equipment installed at roof level. The portable deadweight is extremely compact and easy to assemble, weights are supplied with suction cup rubber boots which protect the roof and increase friction resistance, enabling the anchor to be used on all roof membranes, even in wet weather. Safesite’s Mobile Man Anchor should be used as a fall restraint system in conjunction with a fixed length lanyard to prevent the user from reaching the leading edge.


Roof anchor for maintenance work


Linked Mobile Man Anchors

A series of Mobile Man Anchors can also be linked using the KeeLine horizontal life line system to provide a non-penetrative safety line. This provides fall restraint protection for operatives while they travel between each Mobile Man Anchor and fall arrest once they are disconnected from the life line and connected directly to an individual anchor.

Personal Fall Protection Features and Benefits

  • Short term safety for low frequency work
  • Suitable for all roof membranes, wet or dry, without adding additional counterweights
  • Weights are supplied with unique suction cup rubber boots
  • Compact design for ease of transportation
  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Complies fully with current regulations, including BS EN 795.
  • Series of anchors can be linked using KeeLine

High Safety Standards

Fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • BS EN 795

Fall Protection Annual Inspection

Safesite’s Mobile Man anchor should be inspected and recertified annually in order to ensure the continued safety of the systems.


Portable Roof Anchor

Portable anchorage device for short term safety

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